The pain of injury can last a lifetime.

“Statistics are human beings with the tears wiped off.”
- Paul Brodeur, Historian

Every day in the news, you hear about serious injuries and deaths caused by injury. But you never really feel the impact until you or a loved one is the story.

You probably think of physical pain when you think of an injury. The initial moment of impact. The nagging hurt that follows. But that’s only a fraction of the pain an injury can cause. Think about the bigger picture:

  • A family’s income changes dramatically when the main earner isn’t able to work—and a spouse struggles to be both caregiver and main wage earner
  • The mother of a young man who took his own life is left with enormous guilt
  • A burn survivor endures painful surgery after painful surgery
  • An injured person becomes dependent on family members, along with social and health services
  • A car crash survivor spends night after night rehabbing his own injury—and thousands towards the lawsuit against him from someone else he injured

What if?

After an injury to you or a family member, you might be left asking, “what if?”

  • What if I didn’t push myself?
  • What if I made sure she wore her bike helmet?
  • What if I changed the smoke alarm batteries?
  • What if I didn’t let him drive himself home?
  • What if I put the bleach in the top cupboard?

Only you can save yourself from the agony of what ifs.