Evidence suggests that rural and remote communities have unique characteristics that are unique compared to urban populations with notable differences in demographic, economic, social and environment factors. Rural and remote populations have specific health vulnerabilities that result in higher rates of injury and poorer health status. Please refer to each mechanism of injury for specific prevention information.


  • 47% of the deaths were to machinery owners/operators.
  • 23% of the deaths were to a child of an owner/operator.
  • 68% of farms deaths involved farm vehicles and machines.
  • In the rural areas (Rural Calgary, Rural South, Rural Central, Rural North, Remote West and Remote North) of Alberta in 2010:
    • 622 Albertans died as the result of an injury. This is almost two injury deaths each day. Motor vehicle-related injuries accounted for 26% of injury deaths with 160 deaths in 2010.
    • There were 19,304 injury hospital admissions. This equals more than 52 injury admissions each day.
    • There were 191,792 injury emergency department visits. This equates to 525 injury visits each day.
  • The leading causes of injury-related deaths, hospital admissions and emergency department visit in rural areas of Alberta:
    • Motor vehicle-related injuries (26% of injury deaths).
    • Suicides and attempted suicides/self–inflicted injuries (24% of injury deaths).
    • Unintentional poisonings (19% of injury deaths).
    • Falls (9% of injury deaths).

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