Simply because a product is available for sale in Canada, does not mean the product is safe. Consumer products have been found to be both a direct cause of injury and a major contributing factor to a wide variety of other injuries including falls, concussions and burns & scalds. Children are particularly vulnerable to product-related injuries because of their size and their limited physical and cognitive abilities. Children may also use a product in ways outside of its intended use.

Prevention Messaging

  • Follow safety warnings and manufacture recommendations when using consumer products. Carefully follow assembly or installation instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Check consumer products often to ensure they are in good working conditions. Fix, discard or replace items that are in poor repair or broken.
  • Actively supervise children. Products with small removable parts should be kept out of the reach of children if the child puts non-food items in their mouths. Ensure the product is appropriate for the child’s age.
  • Teach children how to properly use consumer products.
  • Ensure consumer products are appropriately stored away and out of reach of children when not in use.

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